Faces of Arkansas: The Face Of Fitness, JP Fitness + Recovery

Jean-Paul Francoeur has turned the pursuit of fitness into a lifelong career. After taking charge of his own health, Francoeur began honing his skills and developing the business that would become JP Fitness + Recovery. Pouring himself into continuing education and certifications, Francoeur has created a space where overall health and recovery are seamlessly integrated.

“My clients not only transform and look amazing, but they feel incredible,” he said. “We help people get out of pain and get lasting fitness results much faster than traditional methods, utilizing technology to assist and expedite the process.”

JP Fitness + Recovery is the culmination of more than 35 years experience in the personal training and rehabilitation space, and is one of the state’s most innovative studios. The results have been life changing for clients, from relieving pain where therapy falls short to breaking out of yearslong fitness plateaus.

Francoeur is committed to building the absolute best team possible to help the residents of Little Rock look, feel and move better, and he is proud of the “A-team” he has assembled to do just that.

“Our goal is to do what we’ve always done — operate from our service-oriented hearts — but now at a much larger scale,” he said. “Being able to serve more people in a space designed for their success will allow me to work with select clients while supporting a team of professionals dedicated to our mission.”

5604 R St., Little Rock — 501.916.2541 — jpfitness.com

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