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Our unique approach not only enhances your physical abilities but also re-educates your muscles to perform at their absolute best.

Through strategic mobility drills, we focus on "bulletproofing" your joints, enhancing movement quality, and increasing capacity. By training your muscles to become more pliable and capable of absorbing greater force, we pave the way for breakthrough results.

Your fitness journey with JP Fitness + Recovery is personalized, efficient, and effective. Whether you're an athlete aiming to reach peak performance or someone seeking to improve overall fitness, we're here to empower you every step of the way.

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If you find yourself trapped in constant pain, attempting to evade surgery, or recuperating from a surgical procedure, our assistance is at hand.

With our extensive expertise in facilitating the body's natural healing capabilities, coupled with cutting-edge medical technologies, we can accelerate your recovery journey.

Begin your path to recovery with us, and you'll witness traditional timelines becoming a thing of the past.

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Whether it's an intuitive and therapeutic massage or a high end medical spa treatment, we've got your covered.

P Fitness is proud to employ multiple licensed massage therapists certified in many different types of therapeutic touch for your needs.

We also offer boutique style esthetician and medical spa services using the most innovative and pain-free devices on the market.

Little Rock Loves Us


Christian Harris
Professional Tennis Player

"I've seen JP 9 or 10 different times and every time I've seen great progress. I have a great deal of trust in everything we do. Every time I leave a session, I have so much more confidence that I'm going to go out and play pain free. I've always had tremendous success every time I've come in here."

Katibel Johnson

"It has been really life changing for me. It would be easy to say without exaggeration that I would have been in a wheelchair by now. My neurologist was shocked!"